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Architectural Plastic Frames
Name Plate Holders
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Nameplate Frames
Nameplate Holders
Engraved Signs
Name Badges
Vinyl Lettering
Vinyl Signs

Aluminum Architectural Frames

Architectural Aluminum Sign Frames

Architectural sign frames are custom fabricated from continuous aluminum extrusion from 1/16” or 1/8” wall thickness to your custom size requirements.

For a quote or questions please call us at 323-582-6461 or email us at info@HPRubberStamp.com



The frame-less look sets the Sharp Family apart from all others; design options include 2 or 4 sided aluminum extrusions, portrait or landscape orientation, and end caps made of aluminum or plastic.


Graphic inserts pop easily in and out of the Sharp Family signs, which accept either paper graphic inserts or rigid graphic substrates, such as Di-Bond. Naturally all signs are ADA-enabled.


The sleek, classy appearance of Sharp Family modular signs make them ideal for any indoor signage project – from mounting on walls or doors to displaying table-top information, they ensure that your entire project sends one clean, cohesive message.

Vista Sharp Family Wall Mounted Signs

Wall-Mounted Signs

The Sharp Family signs are easily mounted on walls, using just standard screws, double-sided tape or silicone. They also come in two versions: one with a perimeter built only from aluminum extrusion; the other using plastic/aluminum end-caps. Both are equally sensational.

Vista Sharp Family Suspended Signs

Suspended Signs

Catch anyone’s attention with these visually stunning signs – from advertising to way-finding, you’ll find them a natural choice to blend in with any modern business setting.

Vista Sharp Family Reception Signs

Reception Signs

From the moment visitors walk through the door, they begin to collect their impressions of a business. The Sharp reception signs are as good as their brand name – and will be sure to make the best impression on each and every visitor.

Vista Sharp Family Directory Signs

Directory Signs

Help guests find their way around a building with these classic and timeless directory signs by Vista Sharp. Whether mounted in a lobby or nestled outside the elevator bank, they announce a company’s presence with great style.

Vista Sharp Family Office Door Signs

Office Door Signs

Light and airy, these frameless signs are ideal for office doors, when you want to announce the occupant and nothing more. Sleek and classy, they ensure a singular look and feel that unifies all rooms in the office.

Vista Sharp Family Protruding & Projecting Signs

Protruding & Projecting Signs

From building corridors to transportation tunnels, there is a Vista Sharp Family protruding sign that fits the job. Make sure visitors find their way, and keep traffic moving with these stunningly simple way-finders.

Vista Sharp Family Table Signs

Table Signs

Add style and class to any setting with Vista Sharp Table Signs. They can be used for multiple purposes – from dressing up your company’s booth at the next convention to directing visitors’ attention to items on display.


Vista Sharp Family Bathroom Signs For Business

Bathroom Signs for Business

Whether suspended from the ceiling or protruding from the walls, the Sharp modular system ensures that visitors find their way easily around any building.

Vista Sharp Family Pylon Signs

Pylon Signs

When an indoor pylon sign is called for, look no further than Sharp frameless signs. With their double sided functionality, they work for lobbies, reception areas and convention halls.

Vista Sharp Family Room Signs

Room Signs

These timeless signs will wow visitors and staff alike; with multiple sizes to choose from, you can create a sharp unified feeling that brings every room together under a single design theme.

Vista Sharp Family ADA Signs

ADA Signs

Vista Sharp signs are fully compliant with ADA standards. For over a decade, Vista has been providing a comprehensive solution for any project that requires ADA (braille) signage.

Vista Sharp Family Lobby Signs

Lobby Signs

Give any lobby the look and feel of a modern art gallery with Vista Sharp modular signs. Whether welcoming visitors to a small venue or adorning a cavernous space, these frameless signs will impress, each and every time