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Reiner Electronic Ink Jet Stamps

Reiner Electronic Ink Jet Stamps

With Reiner electronic ink jet stamps, you get a stamp that is the best of stamps combined with new technology. These Reiner electronic ink jet stamps are portable and lightweight enough for easy transport from one location to the next. They are capable of printing on any absorbent surface with or without contact. These stamps print on flat, rigid, soft and irregular/uneven surfaces with a non-contact ink jet cartridge. Marking is flexible, mobile and easy with these high-quality Reiner electronic ink jet stamps. Whether number, date, time, text, barcode, logos or in combination, Reiner offers individual solutions for your requirements. Whether in industry, public administration or logistics, with Reiner electronic ink jet stamps you get a high-quality marking system characterized by versatility and durability.Hitt Marking and Reiner has a solution for you.

Reiner’s handheld inkjet printers can print on nearly anything, from coated cardboard to glass bottles and more. Whether you work in an office and need a device to help you get through your paperwork faster, or in a factory seeking to add redundancy to your in-line marking operation.

Questions or comments call us at 323-582-6461 or email us at info@HPRubberStamp.com

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Markoprint X1JET HP HandHold
The Markoprint X1JET HP Handheld thermal inkjet printer is a battery operated, lightweight and compact unit that will print high resolution alphanumeric text, graphics, barcodes, live date/time and sequential numbering. This mobile printer will allow you the flexibility to print in multiple locations on the go as it does not require mounting to a production line.

Reiner JetStamp Graphic 970
With the click of a button, the 1025 can print on absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces with 1D & 2D barcodes, graphics, logos, & alphanumerics – all in half a second.

Reiner 940 Speed-i-Marker
Print area up to 1/2” height x 5 1/2” length

Reiner JetStamp Graphic 970
Number, date, time, text and graphics and barcodes, also multi-line prints. Print area up to ½” x 2 ½”

Reiner 790/MP JetStamp
Number, date, time and text in a one or two-line impression

Reiner Speed-I-Jet 798
The speed-i-Jet 978 will only print on un-coated, absorbent (not shiny) paper or cardboard. It CANNOT print on plastic, metal, glass, or coated paper/cardboard.

Reiner Waterbase Black Ink Refill Catridge for jetStamp 1025
This refill catridge kit comes equipped with all the tools you will need to replace the cartridge in your jetStamp 1025 Reiner electronic stamp machine.