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RIBtype Rubber Stamp Sets

RibType Rubber Type Sets
Numbering and letter sets
RibType numbering set
RibType Letters
Ribtype numbers
Rubber letters
Rubber type
HC-12 Index Roller Stamps
Index Roller Stamps
index coder
AQ9 Replacement Roller
AQ9 Roller
HC-6 IndexRIBtype Font Sets Numbers and Letters

RIBtype characters matched with the RIBtype base creates an economical solution for most part marking projects. RIBtype is a quick and easy solution and is ideal for stamping dates, expiration codes and most other custom messages. Standard sizes range from 1/16" - 1". RIBtype characters can be used on rubber base sheets, wooden stamp handles, rocker mounts, metal self-inking machines and hand roller printers. Larger sizes can be custom ordered. Custom applications are our specialty. Let us help you solve your marking challenge!

"T Style" Assortment includes capital letters, numbers, and punctuation's marks.

"F Style" Figure assortments include numbers, punctuation marks, and currency symbols only.

"FA-VP Style" Figures only with a much larger count for a much better value.

Type Styles: RIBtype ribbed rubber type sets are stocked in our four most popular styles; A, regular; B, condensed; U, bold and G, bold condensed. Sizes: Type sets are available in sizes ranging from; 1/16" to 2" in height. Sets in sizes up to 1" are usually in stock and ready for shipment. Custom Type Sets: RIBtype can be manufactured in nearly any typeface and size.

Questions or comments call us at 323-582-6461 or email us at info@HPRubberStamp.com