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Electronic Stencil Cutters - Plotters

Electronic Stencil SC-5 Machine

Electronic Stencil Cutters - Plotter

The SC-5 Stencil Machine is the most advanced stencil system available and it is sold at a price that is less than a large character manual stencil machine. It can cut characters 1/4" and up.

The SC-5 cuts .010 & .015 stencil board, heavy duty polyester, magnetic vinyl, and .008 white polyethylene film (Ultra Cut).

THE SC-5 Kit comes with:
SC-5 Cutter
Cutter Stand
Basic (or Classic) Software
(2) 60 Degree Cutting Blades
3" Oneshot Assembly
(1) Black Oneshot Cartridge
(2) Rolls of Stencil Board (or Ultra Cut)

Rubber Sand Blast Stencil Cutter
The FC8000 vinyl cutter from Graphtec
Boasts a fantastic new all-in-one cutter head for supporting additional applications and higher productivity and reliability.

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Questions or comments call us at 323-582-6461 or email us at info@HPRubberStamp.com

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Diagraph SC-5 Electronic Stencil Machine
SC-5 Electronic Stencil Machine

Diagraph SC-5 Cutter Kit with Oilboard
SC-5 Cutter Kit with Oilboard

Diagraph SC-5 Cutter Kit with Oilboard
SC-5 Cutter Kit with Oilboard

30" Rubber Sand Blast Material Cutter - Plotter

MARSH® Stencil Express Electronic Stencil Cutter
Multi-size stencils from ¼” to 20”

Diagraph SC-5 Carbide Blade, 60 Degree
Diagraph SC-5 Carbide Blade, 45 Degree

Diagraph SC-5 Carbide Blade, 60 Degree
Diagraph SC-5 Carbide Blade, 60 Degree

7900105 SC-5 Blade Holder
SC-5 Blade Holder
SC-5 Carbide Blade, 45 Degree