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Electronic Stencil Cutters - Plotters

Electronic Stencil SC-5 Machine

Electronic Stencil Cutters - Plotter

Questions or comments call us at 323-582-6461 or email us at info@HPRubberStamp.com

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MARSH® Stencil Express Electronic Stencil Cutter
Multi-size stencils from ¼” to 20”

StencilMAX CC-S60 II
The StencilMAX CC-S60 II Computerized Stencil Cutting System is used in many industrial settings to cut stencils ranging from 1/4" text to 24" text.

Diagraph SC-5 Carbide Blade, 60 Degree
Diagraph SC-5 Carbide Blade, 45 Degree

Diagraph SC-5 Carbide Blade, 60 Degree
Diagraph SC-5 Carbide Blade, 60 Degree

7900105 SC-5 Blade Holder
SC-5 Blade Holder
SC-5 Carbide Blade, 45 Degree