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Comet Self-Inking Alphabet-Numbering Stamps

Comet Self-Inking Alphabet Stamps
Alphabet stamps can be supplied with either A-Z alphabet or 0-9 figure bands. Custom bands can be ordered on Comet Alphabet stamps. All Comets come stocked with dry pads, so you will need to choose the color needed.

CAG-0 = 1/8" Bands with Gothic Style Font
CAG-1 = 5/32" Bands with Gothic Style Font
CAR-0 = 1/8" Bands with Roman Style Font
CAR-1 = 5/32" Bands with Roman Style Font

These alphabet stamps use bands that easily revolve on knurled metal wheels to any desired character.  Heavy duty chrome-plated steel frames use pivot bearings, to ensure efficient ease of use.  The ink pads snap out easily for convenient re-inking.

PLEASE NOTE; Comet Alphabet bands are not interchangeable with Pullman Bands, and are only available in sizes 0 and 1.

Questions or comments call us at 323-582-6461 or email us at info@HPRubberStamp.com